Pairing digital traffic with tangible, creative, direct mail, Lead Gen 360 cuts marketing costs and increases returns, while requiring minimal effort from you, the business owner.

Lead Gen 360™, by Jetson Specialty Marketing Services, is the first and only marketing-technology service of its kind. Lead Gen 360 has the ability to identify who is coming to your website as well as what that person or business is interested in. This ability allows us to Hyper-Target the audience that is most likely to convert. This new level of hyper-targeting is backed by the most recent neuromarketing studies.

You've invested good money in your website but are you getting a return on investment?

Can you put a dollar amount on the leads that turn into sales?

Most website visitors will not identify themselves by contacting you. Think of how many additional leads your company will get each week if you knew who exactly was on your website, and if you could reach out to them, how many more sales you could generate.

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Industries We Serve

Lead Gen 360 is used across multiple industries, and allows companies like yours to measure web traffic based on mail campaigns, and provides them with vital business intelligence.


Will Lead Gen 360 work for nonprofits?

Yes, here are just a few of the benefits of identifying your website traffic and hyper-targeting your potential donors:

  • Increase donations, auto complete partially filled out donor information.
  • Know which donors are visiting, how many visits are driven from Mail campaigns.
  • Keep donors interested in causes.
  • Immediately follow-up based on interests

How Lead Gen 360 Works

  • 1. An interested prospect visits your website

    Like 81% of all buyers, Joe starts his buying journey by visiting your website. He has intent and interest in buying your product or service!

  • 2. The visitor & their interests are then identified

    Lead Gen 360 is able to identify who Joe is as well as recognize his intent and interest by analyzing the content he was viewing.

  • 3. A custom tailored mailing is created & sent to the visitor

    Lead Gen 360 then takes that information and sends Joe a tailored mailing targeting the service or product he seems most interested in.

  • 4. The prospect receives the mailing & is delighted

    Joe is surprised and pleased to see a custom mailing offer that has been personalized to him. This is super cool, who does this?! You do.

  • The prospect decides to redeem your offer with a call or visit

    Joe is so delighted that he decides your company rocks, and takes you up on the offer. He is now a happy customer and you’re a happier business owner.

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WHY Lead Gen 360?


Pairing neuromarketing statistics with Lead Gen 360’s ability to identify a person or business’s interest and deliver them a tailored, creative mailer, makes Lead Gen 360 the new gold standard in marketing!

21% LESS

Direct mail campaigns require less cognitive effort to process than digital ads.


Recipient recall is greater if they are exposed to direct mail rather than a digital ad.


Activation in parts of the brain that correspond to motivation response is higher for direct mail.

A CASE STUDY: The Automotive Dealership

Client Goals/Needs:

  • To use Lead Gen 360 hyper-targeted mail list and traditional mail to convert anonymous website visitor with a high value offer mail campaign.
  • To be able to learn more about the people visiting their website (demographics, addresses and page interest).
  • To be able to create personas about people visiting their website to adjust the site accordingly, to better engage the people visiting the site.

Lead Gen 360 addressed these needs by:

  • Using Lead Gen 360 to create hyper-targeted mail lists to send out a high value traditional mailer.
  • The client saw 27% conversion from the mail that was sent out and those customers who made a vehicle purchase.
  • The mail campaign was able to track a dollar conversion of $13,411.23 from this one campaign. The client spent a total of $3000 on mail over a duration of 45 days.

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